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Cockroach Management Service:

Unique state-of-the-art non-toxic products


1. Dust

  • Goodbye Dust' DOT to be applied at all cracks and crevices, oily areas of the kitchen, wardrobes and all possible areas.

2. Gel

  • Gel to be applied at all electrical equipments, cabinet, hinges of refrigerator etc.
  • Herbal gel also may apply on demand.

3. Spray

  • Latest improved odorless chemical (of the world recognised company) to be sprayed at the skirting areas.


  • Hassle free services with Non-toxic products
  • Highly Effective long Residual chemical.
  • Service can be carried out during busy hours also.
  • Very efficient certified operator.

Treatment Time Frame:

  • AMC plan offers three services in a year, with complimentary complain services.
  • Single service comes with 45 days warranty.

Termite Protection Service:

Advanced barrier against subterranean termite with TermiNush technology.

Methodology for Subterranean Termite:

1. Drill:

  • Drill with Centre to Centre distance of 1 feet at 45⁰ angle.

2. Fill:

  • Fill with TermiNush chemical in each hole with 3-4 times or until it's filled properly.

3. Seal:

  • Seal all the holes with white oxide.

Methodology for Drywood Termite:

  • To control Drywood termite infestation, we inject with oil or water based chemical Terminus plus.


  • Highly Effective long residual effects.
  • Total Termite protection for your property.
  • Prevent from future infestation.
  • Protect your wooden structures and fixtures.
  • Warranted satisfaction & value for money.

Treatment Time Frame:

  • AMC treatment includes one major treatment and one checkup.
  • TYMC treatment.


  • 100% warranted protection from Goodbye TermiNush Treatment.

Bedbugs Sleepwell Service:

Bedbugs are the most irritating insect in the world and it can be your nightmare but we have GOODBYE sleep well service for your satisfaction.


1. Spray:

  • Controlling of bedbugs is a matter of concern. we need to spray every nooks and corners, not a single place to be untouched. Spray treatment to be carried out at all the pillows, side pillows, mosquito Net, Blankets, wooden beds and all possible cracks and devices where it can be take shelter or take rest or lay their eggs.

2. Dust:

  • Dust also may be applied in all cracks in crevices to restrict further infestation. Bedbugs control is not possible with single service.We need to give a second service within 10 to 15 days.


  • Tailor made service and total control on infestation of bedbugs.
  • Highly Effective chemical, long residual effect.
  • Hassle free service with warranty.
  • Gives you total value for money & peace of mind.

Treatment Time Frame:

  • Second service to be carried out within 10 to 15 days with the warranty of 45 days.
  • For 3 months package we provide 4 services.


There are two types of warranty we provide

  • 45 days Warranty
  • Three months Warranty

Goodbye Disinfection Service:

During the pandemic scenario of covid-19, is a threat to human existence. Coronavirus can survive on surfaces of different materials (depending the materials). If we sanitize the surface then we can break the chain and so that we can restrict the speed of spreading novel corona virus.


We have extremely trained and certified technician from ADG Germ Wiper

independent body of certification.

  • We know the story of chemical droplet which efficiently inactive the coronavirus.

We always provide ULV mist with state-of-the-art equipment and use to use the best available chemicals are you or emulsion to break the chain. Let's fight against coronavirus.


  • Hassle Free Services.
  • Most Economic.
  • Equiped with PPE.
  • Hospital Grade Chemicals.
  • Hightouch area can be treated.

Mosquito Management Service:

Maximum loss of human life in every year happens due to mosquito borne diseases.


We carried out Vectoban services in two step.


  • In lifecycle of mosquitoes, spends half of their lives in water so we destroy the larvae at breedhing areas like drain, stagnant water, flower vases, pots, bathrooms, sewages etc. with unique technique of IGR with the help of Larvaecide.


  • Adult mosquitoes can killed with adulticide. Treatment can be done with ULV or sprayer at dark corners, behind the curtains, inside the bathroom, store rooms, living rooms etc.


  • Fogging can be done during dusk and dark.

Treatment Time Frame:

  • In open or common areas we recommend mosquito management in every alternate day.
  • In flat or in intact places we recommend weekly service.


  • Warranty depends on areas and frequency of Vectoban services.

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